Stockholms Centrum för ÄtstörningarStockholm County Council

Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders

The clinic is the largest specialist service for patients with eating disorders in Sweden. All our treatment facilities are gathered at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 27 in Söder, a central part of Stockholm. There are out-patient, day-patient and in-patient services, as well as a mobile unit, a school and two apartments for family treatment.

We treat patients of all ages, and we accept all kinds of referrals (including self-referral). A simultaneous focus on both body and mind is central to our treatment concept. After a thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation, the patient is offered a treatment adapted to her/his personal needs.

Initially, we put a lot of effort into bringing starvation and binge-eating/vomiting under control. After that we usually focus more on psychotherapeutic treatment of factors maintaining the eating disorder. Co-operation with the family and the social network is an important part of the treatment.

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